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What is Diffie Hellman key exchange algorithm

What is Diffie Hellman algorithm ?

  • this algorithm use for security purpose and cryptographic analysis
  • diffie hellman algorithm popular for key exchange algorithm  
  • this algorithm used for communication purpose and security providing for massage passing 
  • this algorithm in two key are use for communication 
  • sender use personal key and receiver use personal key

Difffie Hellman Algorithm:-

step-1 : choose two large prime number N and Q.

step-2 : sender choose large number X and  calculate .A = Q^X mod N

step-3 : sender send A ----> receiver .

step-4 : receiver choose large number Y and calculate.B = Q^Y mod N 

step-5 : receiver send B ----> sender .

step-6 : and now sender calculate K1 using B.
              K1 = B^X mod N

step-7 : and then receiver calculate K2 using A.
              K2 = A^Y mod N

step-8 : if K = K1 = K2

Example of Diffie Hellman Algorithm :-

there for Q= 13 and N = 7

Sender Side :                                           Receiver Side :

X = 6                                                       Y = 2

A = G^X mod N                                     B = G^Y mod N
A = 13^6 mod 7                                      B = 13^2 mod 7
A = 1                                                       B =1

sender send ------------------A--------------> A=1
        B = 1 <-----------------B----------------Receiver send

K1 = B^X mod N                                   K2 = A^Y mod N
K1 = 1^6 mod 7                                     K2 = 1^2 mod 7
K1 = 1                                                    K2 = 1

                               K1 == K2  diffie hellman proved 

NOTE --- Children have ease, so Q and N are taken small really work on algorithm Q and N large .

This algorithm in mid-in-the-middle attack possible


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